Eco-friendly R:evolve Recycle boutiques

Eco-friendly R:evolve Recycle boutiques aim to give shoppers a fashion fix and a greener world

R:evolve Recycle is proving a hit with people of all ages from schoolgirls looking for something that separates them from the crowd to businessmen wanting to look sharp for a job interview.
The aim is to cut CO2 emissions and waste through upcycling and recycling old clothes.

The project, which has three boutique-style shops across Lanarkshire, encourages customers to bring in their old unwanted clothes and swap them for someone else’s glad rags.

Your second-hand stuff earns you points which you can “spend” on “new” additions to your wardrobe.

R:evolve, run by the Lightburn Elderly Association Project, has 3500 members and has swapped more than 39 tonnes of clothing since its inception two years ago.


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