Hustle: Paper made from Rock that is as ecofriendly as you can possibly imagine


Stone Paper – Paper that is made from Stone! Stone Paper is a natural product manufactured from calcium carbonate. The calcium carbonate is collected as waste material at existing limestone quarries and is ground up into a fine white chalk powder. Stone Paper is neither synthetic nor pulp or fibre based and uses significantly less energy to produce. Certifications confirm no chemical or minerals are present that are harmful to humans or the environment.

No water is used, no acid, no base or bleach, no airborne, water borne or solid waste. The paper is recyclable in a number of ways, photo-degradable and will also compost. It is water, grease and insect resistant, and tears with difficulty. Anyone wanting to help conserve TREES which are one of earth's most valuable carbon storing resources should use Stone Paper because it is a completely wood pulp-fibre free paper. And leaving the best till last……It feels amazing to write on! A true pleasurable experience!


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