Eco-Inspiration Series: - Part 1: @touch_the_wood

One of the best things about writing this blog, and also managing our social profiles @Ecofriendly.Movement, is the opportunity to find so many like-minded individuals, who are incredibly talented and conscious about living in a more sustainable manner.

I could not help but get inspired by all of the amazing brands out there showing the world how to contribute towards a greener lifestyle, and I felt like starting a series of posts, that paid a tribute to some of the most beautifully curated accounts.

The first one I wanted to share was @touch_the_wood:

The owner of this colorful collection of images has a delightful ability to compose and photograph nature and food. It truly is a pleasure to scroll up and down this profile and you definitely feel inspired to buy some of the accessories showcased, or to simply cook a healthy organic soup with those bright vegetables!

Apparently their blogger is under construction, but I can't wait to see how gorgeous it will be, judging by the quality of the images on their IG account :)

If you too want a shout out from @Ecofriendly.Movement, please dont't hesitate to contact us.


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