5 Easy Exfoliating Natural Scrubs

DIY oatmeal face scrub
Summer’s coming, and that means short shorts, skirts, and swimsuit season. When you’re showing so much skin, you want it to look smooth and radiant, right? From your face to your knees to your elbows to your feet, there are lots of DIY scrubs to exfoliate your troublesome areas.
  1. Slough off dead skin on your face for a glowing complexion with a simple tomato scrub.
  2. Need to treat those tootsies before you put on those flip flops? Here’s an easy summer foot scrub.
  3. For legs, knees, and elbows, a DIY sugar scrub helps moisturize and exfoliate at the same time!
  4. If your face has drier skin, try this homemade oatmeal face scrub instead of the tomato one.
  5. Don’t forget your hands! Get them baby soft with a homemade almond scrub.


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