Wear Handmade clothes this Autumn

handmade for fall
The leaves around here are starting to change, and it’s time to pull out those boots and tights and get bundled up for FALL! You don’t have to hit the big box store to stock up on scarves and sweaters. Instead, you add some handmade love to your fall style this year and do something good for the planet while you support some handmade artists at the same time

Why Buy Handmade?

Any time we spend money, we’re voting with our wallets, whether we meant to or not. What we buy tells manufacturers and retailers what types of products we want them to produce and sell. When you shop at the big box store – like a department store – for your fall fashion, you’re often voting for sweatshop labor, pollution and human rights violations, and mass-produced goods with no heart and soul.

This might seem like a bummer, but really it’s an opportunity! Instead of picking up mass-produced pieces this fall, you can add some handmade goodness to your fall wardrobe without giving up an ounce of style. I love fall colors, from muted greys to rich wine shades and even jewel tones, and these Etsy artisans have your fall color palette covered!


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