Wooden Eyewear - siempre verde sunglasses

Debuting a Wooden Eyewear line that fuses quality and style with a deep passion for the environment, is the new fashion brand, siempre verde.

Located seaside in Marina del Ray, the creators of this brilliant start up label are set to prove that style conscious urban professionals with naturally inspired accessories can also raise their environmental awareness. As we know, it's the products we choose to buy that helps to lead us to a cleaner environment, and by making these cool frames in the most conscious of materials and production techniques, this company is set to lead the way in cutting edge eyewear for the future.

A 5 piece collection has been unveiled offering a modern design versatility, classic styles and vintage looks. Featured are Ocean (Bamboo Aviator also available in Zebra wood), Sepulveda (Bamboo ophthalmic two-tone frame), and Venice (Ebony Wood beauty with unique technology allowing prescription lenses to be placed into an all-hardwood frame.


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