Handbags created from recycled records

recycled record purse
From Brazilian artist, Gueth Freitas, beautifully painted handbags made from recycled records. She paints on the black vinyl records with “nanquin” a Chinese ink …her designs are bold and punchy! She paints enough of the surface to give is a strong graphic look, however, if examined closely your admirers will see the classic tracks of the record. If you would like to give this as a gift, Novica includes and “artisan card” which tells the story of the artist and the materials used…it is a nice touch. There are several designs and different sizes available at Novica.com.
recycled record earrings
Earrings and pendant necklaces are also available from this artist using the same process of painting on recycled vinyl records. These items are playfully named “Samba Symphony” and “Samba Swing” and “Copacabana Melody”

Click here for availability and prices from Novica.com


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