Marti Agassi: Forgotten Objects brouhg back

"Forgotten and lost objects are transformed into something of interest and beauty. Antique, vintage, recycled, discovered, and natural elements are combined in juxtaposition with modern metalsmithing, creating a new life for each element"

This first line in Marti Agassi's facebook site really got me. I mean, isn't it a great explanation of recycling at it's best? New life which can be created from old objects. Love it.

And this is what Marti Agassi does. From scraps of whatever she can find, beautiful adornments are born with character and longevity. From recycled leather scraps, to feathers discarded by beautiful birds, each piece is an individual artwork, telling a story of the creators travels and findings.

Marti also donates a percentage of her sales to the Andre Agassi Foundation, helping children in developing nations access a decent eduction. We praise Marti for intertwining her artistic passion with a kind natured, generous spirit. Inspiring to say the least!

You can check out Marti's Jewellery HERE.


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