Eco Fashion: MuMu Organic

If you've ever assumed that "eco fashion" was all about hippy pants, hemp shirts and tree hugging emblems, well you can definitely think again.

MuMu organic is an original label born from in the Cyclades islands near the mainland of Greece, producing super stylish, and yes, organic clothing. 

Designer Athena Bentila and artist Roland Wakker come together to merge their talents with light, breezy and playful handmade dresses. They have a strong commitment to using fairtrade manufacturing,  + ecofriendly fabrics of the highest quality.

As you can see by their pics, dedication to design is not compromised at all, with each dress being meticulously structured, and each fabric displaying colour, fine thread work, and playful patterns.

I'm completely taken with their spotty fabric dresses! I love a good polka dot!


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