Urban Eco Chic: Retro or Antique furniture

For most of us, decorating our home is one of the simple pleasures in life in which we have total creative control, only restricted by our budget. However, there are many more restrictions in which we should all keep in mind when deciding what we put inside our houses.

Recycling retro or antique furniture has become a very popular way to cut down on our carbon footprint, while working with pieces that are budget friendly and beautiful. Planning to switch to solar, or re-using our grey water are other ways to make our homes eco-friendly... but there must be more ways right?

The fantastic book, 'Urban Eco Chic' has been cleverly put together by Oliver Heath, to educate even the most clueless household on how we can all live more sustainably. Covering topics such as technology, energy, building materials, fabrics, lighting, floors and furnishings, the book is a 'how to' bible of answers relating to all topics of sustainable housing.

Not only is this publication educational, it also contains over 100 photo's of beautifully decorated houses, demonstrating that 'eco' can be indeed very 'chic' in the most modern way.

I would highly recommend the book as an inspirational read, to anyone thinking of turning their house into a modern, energy efficient, place to call home, even on the tiniest of budgets.


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