Renault previews Frendzy electric concept car ahead of Frankfurt debut

Renault Frendzy Concept
Renault Frendzy ConceptRenault Frendzy Electric Car Concept Revealed

Renault has come up again with another electric car which is being labeled as a multipurpose car. The car can be used as a business cargo and can be used as a family car as well. The French company has unveiled the details about the concept car just before Frankfurt Motor Show slated to be held in September 2011, where the car will make its first appearance. The car is available in a combination of two colors and the entire look of the car gives it the feeling of an avant garde car.

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Renault  Frendzy concept

Renault Frendzy concept electric car

The 14ft-long vehicle comes with some of the most innovative technologies. The car is designed as a multipurpose car and the interiors as well as exteriors of the car are designed in a way that fulfills both the needs. The car looks like a heady mix of half car and half van and is created under the leadership of Renault design director Laurens Van den Acker.

The car’s exterior designer Deyan Denkov said that he wanted to move a step forward from traditional commercial vehicle concept and his inspiration behind the asymmetrical design is asymmetrically designed aircrafts. The passenger side of car is designed for work purpose during weekdays. It has a sliding door and a 37 inch wide screen at the rear seat, which is meant to display work messages and advertising.

The car is basically a prototype of ‘office on wheels’. A Blackberry Playbook tablet computer controls the external screen and gets fitted on the central console in the car. When in the role of a family car, the driver’s side of car is entry point for the family. When in family mode, a rear bench pops out of the floor to make seats for two passengers and a removable front passenger seat folds out of the floor and dashboard. The atmosphere of the car also changes according to the usage of car. When in work mode, the car is all wood and metal whereas when in family mode the car has warmer orange lights and a warm ambience. The car is 100 percent emission free and is supposed to be a clean car.

Renault FrendzyConcept electric car


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