iPower4 harnesses solar energy to juice up your iPhone

iPower 4
iPower 4Solar Charger

UK-based Company Mi Suny has unveiled the iPower4 charger which provides an ecofriendly way to charge your iPhone. The pack includes a solar-powered sleeve and a USB charger. Being sleek in shape, it can well be accommodated with your iPhone. This amazing power-saving charger has multiple benefits. The device makes sure that your phone never runs out of juice during those all important calls, and keeping it charged ins’t consuming any energy from the grid.

iPower 4
iPower 4Solar charger

Featuring a built-in 2400mAh lithium polymer battery, the £69.99 iPower4, needs a recharge only when it has recharged your iPhone two times. The manufacturers claim that the iPower4 can give you up to 5.3 hours of extra talk time, 45 hours of music time or about 15 hours of video viewing. It also includes a LED indicator that alerts you about the power status of the device’s onboard battery.


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