DLC Brooklyn: Eco friendly Jewels

When Susan Domelsmith first created a few necklaces for herself by draping and linking pieces from old vintage jewellery, I doubt she was envisioning the success of what is her now label of notoriety DLC Brooklyn.

Her frustration to find pieces that were edgy, yet authentic, brought her to hand crafting unique items that were immediately picked up by popular retailers first in the US, and now worldwide. Following her retail success, Nylon and Teen Vogue sourced pieces from her collection for editorial and cover shots, and celebrities such as Jessica Alba coveted her pieces as parts of their own collections.

What is so great about Susan's jewellery, is that it is all made from either recycled or dead stock, cancelling the need for the mining of new metal resources. The components of each piece always depend on the materials available at the time, making each item a one of a kind story.

You can find your own piece of DLC loveliness right here...


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