World’s first self-powered CO2 gas sensor

worlds lowest power co2 gas sensor cozir

GSS (Gas Sending Solutions) from Scotland has collaborated with EnOcean to incorporate its wireless self-powering technology into the creation of the world’s first self-powered CO2 gas sensor. GSS showcased it at the ISH 2011 international tradefair  in March at Frankfurt, Germany.

The COZIR CO2 sensor operates without batteries and asks for no maintenance at all. Apart from consuming lesser energy, it has a minimal warming up time that does not exceed 2 seconds and is an asset for various purposes such as heating, horticultural control, ventilation and air conditions systems (HVAC), monitoring of Indoor air quality (IAQ) and building control.

EnOcean’s unique wireless technology enables the COZIR to power itself from energy derived out of temperature, light or motion within its vicinity. If there is sufficient room light, then the sensor can derive enough power to provide three readings in every 10 minutes and send the information to a receiving device that sets off an alarm for opening the ventilation mechanism.

However, in case where there is no room light, then the sensor functions on its stored energy and sends values only when they appear to be critical.

The COZIR functions on the NDIR (non-dispersive infra-red configuration) technology that is patented under GSS and is available in three different ranges: 0-2 percent, 0-1 percent or 0 to 2000ppm.


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