Peugeot XB1 concept - Smart electric car to spurt through streets


Petite in its form, mobile in its conception and adamantly green in its virtue; this is the Peugeot XB1 concept, conceived by the design team of Thierry Fischer, Kévin Biolluz, Karim Bennani and Frédéric Le Sciellour. This fully electric vehicle is conceptualized for our very future, albeit for short distances.


The nimbleness of this bantam scooter conveniently allows it to maneuver through congested traffic areas and even through the sidewalks. The sturdy battery pack can uplift the speed of XB1 to up to 35 km/h, and on sidewalk to 15 km/h.


Not only that, the sleek GPS interface imbued with smart phone application allows the driver to check the battery status and it displays his location along with the distance and optimum course he could travel. The accentuated joystick lights would also warn the driver of red light turns, and would safely direct him to green light turns. The whole service will be provided by Peugeot and My society.



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