Eco Friendly Laundry

Did your washer or dryer recently bite the dust? Looking to spice up your tired laundry room?

Consider investing in front loading machines as opposed to those traditional top loading beasts.

Front loaders use nearly 40% less water – crazy! They also require less detergent and spin faster so there’s hardly any moisture left in the clothes at the end of the cycle, cutting down on dryer time.

And front loaders are stackable which leaves more space for dirty laundry piles ;) .

Remember to always gaze for the Energy Star when buying a new appliance. Don’t do laundry at home? Try to find front loaders near you and enjoy saving on quarters for the dryer.

Who knew the direction your laundry spins could make such a sexy difference?

And to complete your eco friendly washing, use an eco friendly detergent that cares about the environment:



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