Innovations in Clean, Efficient Cooking

Each year 1.6 million people – 85% of which are women and children – die from inhaling the smoke emitted by open fires or unimproved cook stoves. At the same time, traditional practices of collecting biomass fuels for cooking – carried out almost universally by women- is a time-consuming task that displaces education and other opportunities for empowerment, and, in the long-term, frequently contributes to unsustainable levels of deforestation and erosion.

StoveTec is an award-winning, high efficiency cookstove that reduces harmful emissions by 70%, while increasing fuel-efficiency by 50%. The design was created by the Oregon-based Aprovecho Research Center (ARC), and over 70,000 stoves have been shipped internationally over the past two years to countries including India, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Madagascar, Chile, Argentina, the Marshall Islands, and Haiti.


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