Solar Power Chargers

Cut that cord. Charge your iPod, your BlackBerry, your Mobile GPS or your phone on the go with a backpack-cum-solar-power charger.

Solar Power built into your bag?
Reware's rugged Juice Bags are outfitted with a super flexible solar panel that can charge your handheld devices!

Next Generation Solar Power Bag

Turn free sunlight into clean electricity without moving parts, heat or sound. The Juice Bag’s incredible 7 Watt flexible solar panel is made up of 52 solar cells and represents the latest in flexible solar technology.

Its power technology is military-tested and approved, and its stitching and fabrics undergo a triple-quality check before leaving the warehouse.

And, while no small solar power device of this size puts out enough power to charge a laptop directly, keep an eye on this company - they have a solution brewing for use with laptops and other larger devices!

Solar Power Bags simple to use!

Juice Bags come with a built-in Car Lighter Adapter (CLA) socket - the same plug as in a car. It’s universal. Just plug in the adapter you would normally use in the car that is approved for your phone, PDA, MP3 player or other 12volt device. The moment sunlight falls on the Juice Bags solar panel, the bag generates electricity. It is that easy!

With Juice Bags, you don't need a battery to charge your 12 volt devices, but they offer an accessory line of SolarReady Batteries so that you can store the sun if you want.
Just plug the SolarReady into your Juice Bag, store up sunlight, then plug the battery into your device later.

Juice Bags are used by travelers, students, relief workers and many others for whom the freedom of clean, everywhere free energy is important.

Imagine going anywhere…anywhere…in the world and being able to keep your satellite phone, GPS Unit or digital camera charged.

Made in the USA

We now make Juice Bags in the USA with great attention to detail, and use premium fabrics and materials for superior quality.

We continue to improve our selection and our quality and we invite your comments and ideas at: info(at)rewarestore(dot)com.

Want the freedom to roam while staying plugged in? Reware has you covered

Reware sells three styles — a backpack, daypack and messenger bag. All of the bags are made from reclaimed soda bottles to create a fabric that is both durable enough to withstand inclement weather and stylish. On the back of the bag there is a thin layer of solar cells that turns light into electricity.

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