Ecofriendly romantic gifts

Here are some easy ideas that are sure to make your Romantic night is a little greener.

1. Spice it up with natural lingerie. Instead of buying lingerie made of non-biodegradable materials such as nylon, polyester, and rayon, invest in organic cotton, silk, and bamboo. Blue Canoe (in the USA) and Enamore (UK) have great selection of eco-friendly natural lingerie.

2. Soy candles make a great gift and are better for your lungs (and the environment) than paraffin ones. Pharmacopia organic soy candles are amazing, and you can buy lots of inexpensive soy candles scented with essential oils on eBay. You can also buy a kit to make your own soy candles: simply melt the soy wax in a microwave, insert a wick, and pour into a glass container of your choice.

3. Romantic Cards: ditch the paper and send an e-Card. For every free e-card that you send, Care 2 ( will donate to an environmental nonprofit to save a square foot of the Rainforest.

4. Who doesn’t love chocolate? It’s a time-proven aphrodisiac loaded with antioxidants. Choose organic fair trade chocolate as a before or after treat.

5. Rose is a symbol of romance. Why give your loved one flowers tainted with pesticides and preserved with chlorine? When you buy organic or local flowers, you help support farmers who are leading the way to sustainability.

6. Choose a natural lubricant to make things hotter and healthier. Most conventional lubricants are made with toxic chemicals more suitable for cars or other heavy machinery. Many women have severe reactions to these ingredients. Search for a range of natural lubricants made without phthalates or parabens.

7. If bling is your thing, make it greener. Consider buying conflict free diamonds ethically set in renewed gold and platinum. Ethical diamond mining causes minimum environmental impact to the Earth, and conflict free diamonds originate from environmentally responsible sources free from violence and human rights abuse.

Thanks to the  Green beauty guide for this tips!


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