kowtow: eco-friendly fashion design

Direct from Wellington New Zealand comes kowtow's  incredible fashion.

With an eye predominantly on design, the labels 9th ensemble is a group of carefully created organic garments inspired by mathematics, how it corresponds with nature and then translates into fabric. Wavering between tailored and draped design, each piece has been inexplicably engineered into an object of dramatic form. Without the assistance of vivid colours or brightly printed fabrics, the garments hold their own through pure pattern magic.

Clearly holding a torch for sustainable design, the team at kowtow have several write ups on their site dedicated to educating consumers about the situation in 3rd world countries, where western markets are blatantly taking advantage of cheap labour in adversely substandard working conditions. Their philosophy of being aware of what is truly going on in the world encourages consumers to purchase wisely through turning their heads to a slave trade economy. A complicated cotton process is also exposed on the site, with extra kudos towards the designers for crediting the labour of their respective suppliers.

A true example of fair trade and eco friendly design, kowtow is one label deserving of genuine credit. Go their now to support their amazing work.


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