ECO SWIM by AQUA GREEN is a U.S. based company leading the charge for a better and more sustainable tomorrow. They are taking "green" into the mainstream. As a fourth generation family-owned company, they believe their family has a responsibility to your family to reduce our environmental impact. They currently design, fit, source, cut and sew in their home state of Pennsylvania.

As important as it is to reduce, reuse and recycle, they also believe that those looking to 'reduce their carbon footprint in the sand' should look and feel great while doing so.  Comfort, quality and style are not sacrificed in their mission to help our planet.  These suits are for real women who want to look and feel fabulous.

From bottle to beach and plastic to poolside, they have pioneered ecological initiatives to keep our beaches and planet beautiful for generations to come. They are not doing this because it's trendy to be green, but because they know it's the right thing to do.

They have also put their money where their mouth is by funding clean-up projects. Their first clean up removed 615 pounds of trash from the Delaware River.  They are planning and funding additional clean-up efforts in the near future. 


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