One delicious way to Recycle a Shipping Container

Recycled shipping containers are one of the most popular choices for people who want to incorporate green elements in their pre-fab homes and offices. However, not a lot of people have tried to make the container + truck combo work as a mobile pizza joint! And that is precisely why the Del Popolo mobile pizzeria garners such kudos from us. Custom designed by, er, restaurant owner Jon Darsky, the mobile pizza joint turns the food truck business classy and eco friendly.

The mobile pizza place is fashioned using a truck and a 20-foot transatlantic shipping container which has been modified and repurposed with a kitchen. The stunning food joint also features a stunning glass wall on one side that allows customers and the general public to peep inside Del Popolo. The stylish pizza truck also features an Italian-made traditional wood-fired oven weighing over 5,000 lbs since Darsky wanted to bring the taste of authentic Neapolitan-inspired rustic pizza to customers on the street. It took Darsky $180,000 to build Del Popolo.

The oven reaches temperatures around 800 degrees and is situated in the second level in the restaurant on wheels. The lower level features a special rack from which the pies are delivered to the customers and also a place for the cashier to accept charges for the fresh-baked pizzas. The rustic oven bakes pies in a mere 60 seconds.


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