Upcycled stylish woven rugs

Woven rugs made from recycled materials may not be the freshest idea in the world of floor accessories but few designers have reinvented the lowly rug with as much elegance as Sophie Aschauer. 

The designer was inspired to create these intricate looking mats while on a sailing excursion and what makes these mats even more special is the fact that they are woven using marine rope upcycled and repurposed into beautiful floor accessories. Aschauer called the series SerpentSea to denote the origin of their basic material as well as the symbolic shape of mythical sea creatures.

For a material that has little use once it has outlived its usefulness in the original application, the ropes prove to be surprisingly delightful in their new avatar as the basic and only material used for colorful home accessories. Dyed in dynamic colors, the SerpentSea Mats are named after infamous 17th century pirates like ‘Morgan’, ‘Drake’, and ‘Bonnie’ which means that each pieces comes with its own a unique back-story that allows the owner to fashion his or her own anecdote around an otherwise neglected accent piece in the home.

Re Rug

In an effort to revive the practice while making gorgeous works of home decor, Swedish designers Katarina Brieditis and Katarina Evans started Re Rag Rug, a year-long, experimental design project that aims to make a unique, recycled rag rug each month.


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