Sensitive Skin Remedies: Using Jojoba and Almond Oils

Sensitive skin is a major concern nowadays, probably because  a lot of people have sensitive skin. People with lighter skin tones, as well as those who have dry skin frequently suffer from skin sensitivities. Fortunately, there are many natural treatments for sensitive skin, most of them based on natural oils such as jojoba and sweet almond.

Sensitive skin is easily irritable and very susceptible to various aggressive  factors, such as ultraviolet radiations, cold, wind, detergents, make-up removal  products and other cosmetics. The sensitive skin is a hyperactive type of skin  which overreacts to stimuli which would have been tolerated normally.

When  sensitive skin gets into contact with such a stimulus, it causes a strong  sensation of discomfort. Sensitive skin has low tolerance or no tolerance at all  to usual cosmetics or hygiene products. Therefore, special care has to be  provided using products which treat and prevent possible negative reactions such  as: burning sensations, blemishes and irritation.

Both almond oil and jojoba oil have molecular composition that is very similar to those of  the natural skin oils. Therefore, both oils can be used to soothe and nourish all skin  types, and since these oils are free from additives or preservatives, they work very well for sensitive skin.

Natural oils can be used on their own, in  combination with other essential oils, or in mixtures based on the two of them.  If mixed, the two oils increase each other’s therapeutic effect and they usually  come in combinations of 75% almond oil and 25% jojoba oil. When added to the  almond oil, jojoba oil has an antioxidant effect and helps regulating the sebum  production in the skin.

When mixed, they can be used in skin treatments and skin care, make-up  removal (even for waterproof products) and even massage oils and aromatherapy  oils for relaxation. Both oils are easily absorbed into the skin, leaving a  silky texture.

Almond oil has skin moisturizing properties. The oil also calms skin  inflammations, dermatitis, irritations, itches and other skin conditions. Almond  oil is used in massage oils because of its relaxing properties and can also be  used around the eyes and the mouth to help prevent or soften wrinkles.

Almond oil has a very relaxing aroma as well. If you happen to be allergic to  peanuts, take into consideration that you might also have allergies to almonds.  It is best to consult your doctor before using almond oil.

Jojoba oil is actually a wax in liquid form, not an oil. It is the substance  which resembles the most the natural skin sebum. Therefore, it works great in  balancing sebum production at the level of the skin and is very good for acne  and oily skin.

Jojoba oil has high antioxidant properties, so it won’t need any chemical  preservatives. It can be used externally on all skin types, even for young  children. Jojoba oil can treat psoriasis, eczema and dry scalp.
This article has been adapted from this helpful resource: Skincare Guide


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