Natural Acne Cures

natural acne cures
A simple tomato scrub can work as a natural acne cure!

For folks struggling with acne, it might seem like chemical-laden, store-bought remedies are the only solution, but there are quite a few natural acne cures that are right in your kitchen.

From honey to mint to tomatoes (check out this DIY tomato scrub!), you can raid your fridge and pantry to cook up all sorts of simple, DIY natural acne treatments without all of the harsh chemicals in store-bought or prescription remedies. Not only are homemade acne cures healthier for your body, they can save a bundle! Between visiting the dermatologist and paying for all of those expensive medications, treating acne with conventional medicine is pretty pricey.
My pal David over at The Good Human shares a great list of natural acne cures along with some lifestyle chances that can help you beat acne naturally. Head over to The Good Human for all the deets!
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