Winter Treatment Face and Body Oil Recipe

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This oil deeply moisturizes and repairs dry elbows, knees and heels. It can also provide a soothing, warming relief for itching skin especially if you have eczema. When buying essential oils keep in mind that you only use a little bit so it’s best to choose the reputable brand that would keep fresh for ages (especially if stored in cold). All the oils suggested here can be purchased in health food stores or grocery stores/supermarkets. Do not use wheat bran oil if you have oily skin as it can cause comedones.


1 ounce grape seed oil

1 ounce wheat germ oil

1 oz virgin olive oil

20 drops evening primrose oil

10,000 I.U. vitamin E

2 drops juniper essential oil

2 drops rosemary essential oil

2 drops rosewood essential oil


Cannot be simpler: mix all ingredients in a bottle and store in a cool dark place for up to six months.


Use for massage, after bath or shower, or under your moisturizer if your skin is very dry.


This oil keeps fresh for up to 12 months if not more.


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