A World Without Bottles

Have you ever wondered where your water bottle ends up after you buy it, drink from it, and throw it away? Although some plastic bottles are recycled, it is shocking to know that 340,000,000,000 (340 Billion) bottles and cans are NOT recycled every year! This means that more than half end up in Landfill sites, every year, worldwide.

1 Bottle takes 450 years to decompose.
1 Bottle takes 5 times it's volume in water just to manufacture.

To demonstrate this huge burden on Mother Natures shoulders, eco-artist, Sarah Turner, has teamed up with Soda Stream to create this amazing plastic bottle sphere, using 562 recycled plastic bottles.

Sodastream’s campaign aims to reduce the amount of plastic bottles people buy, therefore reducing the amount that end up getting thrown away.

British supermodel Erin O’Connor holds the sphere symbolically on her shoulders, recreating the iconic pose of Greek God Atlas, highlighting the burden of the world's plastic bottle waste.

Let's hope this campaign touches on at least the fashionista's of the world, demonstrating that it's not so 'cool' to sip from a tiny plastic bottle, every time you need to quench that little thirst.


  1. Great article and I'm grateful too see that you're advocating the eco friendly products. And your site is pretty awesome. I enjoyed staying here. Thanks!


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