Recycled Bike Jewelry

For the bike nut in your life, this bracelet is made from polished stainless steel bicycle spokes each free formed and attached by little bike chain pieces. How adorable! Lots of Bike themed jewelry from this Etsy seller.

$28.00 at VeloGioielli’s Etsy Shop

Bracelet made from recycled stainless steel bicycle spoke made to fit your wrist. This will remind you what is like to have the wind blowing through your hair on that downhill ride last weekend while you are working away at the desk job that slowly eats away at your dreams and rusts your soul. No rust or tarnish on this baby!

$15.00 at Simple Spokenak’s Etsy Shop

Conveniently holds the big bucks while keeping one spoke out of the landfill. Created in a workshop for disabled adults, there is no end of good vibes coming your way while you organize your life and hold on to your bills.

$10.00 at Uncommon Goods

Bike spoke ring the perfect gift to cement a friendship or say goodbye to a bike that has been with you a long time. Keep the memories of all the great places you traveled together fresh in your mind with this ring upon your finger.

$55.00 at Snegoratchka’s Etsy Shop


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