Recycled Newspaper Beads, Bags, Pencils, Shoes, Handbags & Jewelry

Recycled Newspaper Beads

recycled newspaper beads

For a great tutorial on how to make beads out of recycled newspaper

Imagine the possibilities …necklaces!! earrings!! and bracelets!!, oh my!! All created from materials that cost nothing!

Recycled Newspaper Bags

recycled newspaper bag

From Amazon, Oenophilia Yesterday’s News Recycled Newspaper Weave Single-Bottle Wine Satchel Made with recycled newspaper pages …a great way to deliver a bottle of wine or sparkly as a housewarming or hostess gift.

Recycled Newspaper Pencils

recycled newspaper pencils

Pencils made directly from rolled up newspapers. You can actually read the newsprint on the side of pencil since they are manufactured by using whole newspaper sheets rolled around HB high-quality #2 graphite. There is no mulching or mixing with toxic recycling chemicals. Available at TreeSmart

Recycled Newspaper Shoes

Recycled Newspaper Shoes

Handcrafted with the help of cottage industry artists in China from recycled Chinese language newspapers that are woven into a lattice pattern. The eco-friendly nature stop there when they are “dipped in plastic” for durability. Still, wearing the news on your feet will keep a few pages of the newspaper out of the landfill. Designed by Colin Lin for “All Black” and available at Moxsie

Recycled Newspaper Handbag

recycled newspaper handbag

Designed by Denise Marques, these bags are100% handmade by a Fair Trade co-op in Brazil. Available at Uncommon Goods

Handspun Recycled Newspaper Yarn

recycled newspaper yarn

Concept created by artisit, Greetje van Tiem, but Doug Gunzelmann, over at Green Upgrader created a step by step tutorial on how to create your very own recycled newpaper yarn.

Recycled Newspaper Coffin

recycled newspaper coffin

Made by hand from recycled newspapers and finished with paper made from 100% mulberry pulp, the Ecopod is available in a range of colors with and without screen printed motifs, plain white, or gold.

Recycled Newspaper Logs for your Fire

Step by step instructions on how to make logs from recycled newspaper available at Instructables. Warning: Be prepared to be attacked by advertising over at Instructables.

Recycled Newspaper Jewelry

recycled newspaper jewelry

Created from recycled stock market listings …do they even list those in the paper anymore? Available at Newspaper Jewelry

Recycled Newspaper Clutch

recycled newspaper clutch

From Ecoist, a recycled newspaper clutch. I always have a soft spot in my heart for Ecoist because I think they were the first to make handbags out of newspaper and candy wrappers …they are high quality too.

Recycled Newspaper Ornaments

recycled newspaper tree ornaments

Made from recycled, black-and-white newspaper pages, these Star Urchins are the artist’s modern interpretation of a Polish folk art decoration, a style of ornament making that dates back beyond a hundred years. $40.00 for three ornaments at Kissa Design’s Esty Shop

Recycled Newspaper Bangles

recycled newspaper bracelet

Narrow wood bangle bracelets that have been decoupaged with scraps of Indian newspapers. Each piece is one of kind and hand crafted in Squishy Sushi’s Etsy studio in San Francisco, CA.



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