Organic Spa Routine at Home

I recommend the following effective at-home spa treatment that deals with clogged pores, flakiness, and sensitivities/dryness. 

You can vary the ingredients according to your skin’s condition. I prefer not to label woman’s skin based on her age. Women in their 30s can have parched, fragile skin with hyperpigmentation and hormonal breakouts while women in their 50s can have wonderfully plump skin that could use some blotting paper! 

So here is a basic routine that can be easily customized according to your skin’s needs.

Step 1. Steam. If your skin is oily and dense, you can use a steam bath with dried chamomile, calendula (marigold), or sage. If your skin is fragile and dry, you will greatly benefit from a few drops of rose oil or even some dried roses in the bath, which doesn’t have to be too hot. If your skin is sensitive, you can prep your skin with a warm hand towel saturated in lukewarm green tea and placed on your face while you relax on the sofa.

Step 2. Exfoliate. If your skin is oily and dense but you have no acne breakouts, you will love a simple scrub made with 2 tbsp Dead sea salt and 1 tbsp organic olive oil. But if you have inflamed acne lesions or other irritations, avoid abrasive scrubs. Instead, apply a layer of plain Greek-style yogurt all over your face including eye area. Sensitive and dry skin will benefit from finely cut oatmeal soaked in warm filtered water, perhaps blended with a dollop of honey. Simply apply the paste it all over your face and massage using circular motions. Don’t be afraid to get it around eyes, since delicate skin can also use mild exfoliation.

Step 3. Target. If your skin is oily, clay mask is your best bet. Mix some blue clay or even crushed charcoal with green tea or aloe vera juice and apply all over your face avoiding eye area. To deeply nourish, nothing beats sour cream

or cottage cheese (for drier skins) whipped with whole range egg. This works double duty by nourishing and lifting. To lighten dark spots, grate some raw potato and apply the puree all over the troublesome areas. A strawberry mashed all over the face is an excellent AHA peel that delivers mild fruit acids and vitamin C.


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