Get Instant Cash for the Gadgets you don't use anymore!

A new online service provides cash for old electronics by simply entering its details
into a website. The service provides instant cash quotes for mobile phones, digital
cameras, MP3 players and game consoles.

Currently, there are over 22 million mobile phone services activated within Australia,
and with most users on a 24 month contract, they receive a new mobile every two
years. This means there is a huge number of mobile phones that are sitting unused
after the owner has upgraded.

ReGadget's founder and general manager, Owen McCrink, states that their new
service can extract value from many old items which are now unused.

"What many people don't realise is how many valuable gadgets people have in their
homes", stated Mr McCrink. "Most homes have unused mobile phones and other
electronics which ReGadget give an instant cash price for."

The service offered makes it easy for customers to quickly get a cash price for their
gadgets. The user finds the product, enters in a few details and then receives an
instant quote. The quote generated comes from a detailed pricing algorithm where
the best price can be offered to the customer.

The customer is then given a prepaid shipping bag in which they can post the gadget
to ReGadget's warehouse. Within a few days after the gadget is received, the
customer receives the money deposited directly into their bank account.

"ReGadget was born out of us being sick of having piles of old gadgets in the house.
Now there is an easy way to get them out of the house, and a boost to the bank

About ReGadget
ReGadget is a service that offers instant cash prices for old electronics, including
mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 players and game consoles, amongst others. It
provides an easy to use service for customers to get cash for their unused
possessions. All gadgets received by ReGadget are either resold locally and
internationally or sent for recycling of valuable metals and plastics.

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