1st wind powered car to travel across a whole continent.

The Wind Explorer is the first wind and lithium-ion battery powered car to travel across a whole continent.

After 6 months of building, this emission free car was blown across Australia to inspire the use of the elements in travel.

Charging the batteries overnight with mobile wind turbines perched on a six-meter high telescopic mast made of bamboo, the 440 pound car sped along the south coast of Australia alternating between wind and battery power. Very cool.

Driven by Dirk Gion and Stefan Simmerer and travelling at up to 80 mph, the Wind Explorer completed the 3,100 mile test drive in two and a half weeks with a total electricity cost of just $10.

The idea behind this noiseless, ultra green car was to encourage travelling and adventure without the guilty conscience that comes with current, fuel guzzling transport.

The ever practical German designers realised that cars powered by kites are slightly impractical in most day-to-day travelling situations and are using the windmobile to inspire further research and development into alternative travel.

With many car industries turning their focus to vehicles better for the environment, quieter, cleaner cars might be blowing onto our roads sooner than we think.


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