Bamboo Sunnies - Sustainable fashion.

Recent popularity of bamboo as a sustain-ably sourced fibre, has been overwhelming in the fields of furniture and building products as well as fibre for fashion.

Bamboo has such a high sustainability rating because not only is it the fastest growing plant on earth, it actually releases 35% more oxygen than timber, creating a more intense filter for the carbon emissions in some industrialised nations. The fibre is actually more durable than oak, and uses alot less water to grow than many other plantations used for manufacturing wood products.

Another trend we have recently seen come into the market is bamboo eyewear. Two companies of note that have these cute looking glasses on their agenda are bamboo optics (shown in pic above) and unidot.

They are definately worth checking out for your next pair of specs if you are looking for something a little less polluting than the regular plastic frames we are so used to purchasing and exchanging every 12 months.


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