Vegetarian Salad recipes: Couscous Salad


There is nothing I like more than taking bits and pieces of ingredients from my fridge and turning them into something new. It cleans out your fridge or pantry, you don't waste any food and you usually get something fast and delicious out of it.

Usually what I do is go through my vegetable crisper and my leftovers and put a bunch of stuff out on my kitchen counter. Then I let the ingredients dictate what I'll make out of it. I often end up with soups made from vegetable stews, or a frittata or a simple stir fry. It's a good process to go through once a week to ensure that there aren't things pushed to the back of the fridge that will get slimy and disgusting.

We had some couscous left over from my tomato and bean stew so I decided to make a salad. I had lots of asparagus left over from my pickling, red peppers left over from my asparagus consomme, some parsley left over from my  vegan potato salad, as well as some olives. I could have added some feta cheese I had, but I decided to keep the salad vegan. I just chopped some stuff up, tossed it into a bowl and added a classic vinaigrette . I ended up with a light, healthy lunch out of almost nothing.

Clean out your fridge this weekend and see what you can come up with.


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